A well-constructed corporate wellness strategy benefits both employer and employees.  Investing in your employees’ health will improve their efficiency, reduce absenteeism, increase job satisfaction and reduce turnover, improve your ability to recruit high-quality employees, and build a sense of shared corporate culture and community as well as reduce healthcare costs.  Cleveland has a large number of resources that are often under-leveraged for corporate wellness.

Corporate Wellness

Available services include:

  • Design and implementation of holistic corporate wellness programs
  • Educational seminars and cooking demonstrations
  • Site-specific food evaluation and planning–vending, cafeteria, etc
  • Group health coaching and challenges
  • Customized services available


Corporate wellness services can and should be customized to your unique company or non-profit organization.  Please contact Alissa at alissa@eathappynow.com or 216-862-7741 to discuss the services that will most benefit your organization.

Our Clients Say

“Alissa has provided nutrition-related educational programming and tailored nutrition workshops to the specific needs of our clients. She customized her wonderfully interactive cooking demos to the same foods that we had access to at the time. She showed workshop attendees how to incorporate healthful foods into meals in ways that were both tasty AND healthy. The attendees thoroughly enjoyed her workshops. But then again, what people in their right minds wouldn’t leave happy with the taste of good food lingering in their mouths?”
Chris, Agency Education Coordinator for the Cleveland Foodbank
“Our company sponsored a workshop on the connection between Mood and Food with Alissa.  I was surprised about how many tips and suggestions there were that are easy to implement into everyday eating.  I was especially surprised about the information on sugar and artificial sweeteners.  Personally – I cut WAY down on my artificial sweeteners after hearing how it affects mood.  And, I’m eating more fresh foods to get the benefits they offer.  I would definitely recommend Alissa’s workshops!”
Jackie, Recovery Resources


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