A study of more than 2500 people showed that drinking diet soda on a daily basis increased the risk for ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke by 61%.  This is the first study to demonstrate a relationship between diet soda and vascular events, although other studies have also shown a link between diet soda and metabolic syndrome and type II diabetes.  It’s worth noting that the study did not prove a causal relationship so we don’t know whether it was the diet soda that actually contributed to the stroke vs other related factors.  But really, why take the risk? 

 If you’re looking to cut down on your diet soda consumption but want another low-cal fizzy substitute, try drinking club soda with a slice of lemon, lime, or cucumber.  You can also buy club sodas that are flavored already, but don’t have any sugar or artificial sweeteners.  You’ll find that these are actually more refreshing, and more hydrating than the soda!