Holistic nutrition news and whole foods based recipes from certified health coach Alissa Glenn.

The Eat Happy Blog is focused on providing readers with Alissa’s thoughts on health and wellness in every day life.  With a personal approach to eating healthy and cooking in a way that is good for her family, Alissa shares what she’s learned as a Holistic Nutritionist, mom, and consummate student of all things food.  This blog contains everything from personal insights on medical studies to recipes you should try at home.  At times Alissa will recommend specific products she finds useful for cooking or that’s she’s found make life in the kitchen easier.


Additionally, you’ll get tips on how to get your kid to eat healthier.


Tricks for how to get dinner on the table faster.


Interesting knowledge on things like bpa and how it leaches into your food, or what good alternatives are for toxic cookware.


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