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Farro Risotto with Goat Cheese

This recipe knocked my socks off, it was so good.  And such simple ingredients!  For the full recipe, click here.

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My gluten-free experiment

Sometimes I just need to take my own advice, even if it does kind of suck.  Thus began my gluten-free experiment.

I’ve suspected for a while that I’m mildly gluten-intolerant.  I tested negative for Celiac several years ago, and have never had any of the severe reactions that I’ve seen so frequently in clients (fibromyalgia, infertility, extreme GI distress, etc).  But, I had definitely noticed milder reactions – low-level GI stuff, a seeming correlation to headaches, fatigue, etc.  And lately I’ve been feeling a bit spacey and tired.  So, I did some research and ordered a gluten-intolerance test kit from enterolab.

Now, testing for gluten intolerance is a tricky thing.  I’m obviously not a doctor, but everything I’ve read about various gluten sensitivity testing options indicates that there’s no one test that is 100% accurate – or even anywhere near it.  I’ve personally seen clients who were so gluten intolerant they were practically bed-ridden, yet had negative test results for celiac (and yes, their symptoms cleared up on a gluten-free diet).  I decided to go with enterolab for 2 reasons: 1) it uses a method that is believed to pick up even milder forms of gluten sensitivity and 2) they also offer genetic screening (if you do not have one of the genes associated with celiac, you are almost guaranteed to never develop it).   Not shockingly, my test came back positive.  And, I have 1 of the 2 genes associated with celiac disease, so I’m genetically pre-disposed.  This was definitely a bummer, as I do love my pizza.

To be really sure, I decided to do an elimmination/challenge with gluten (I’ve done such challenges before, but never with just gluten).  Basically, I cut out all gluten for one month, and then did a gluten [...]

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