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Avoiding Chemicals from Cookware

I’ve gotten a few questions lately about healthy cookware, which is a great question to ask.  Non-stick cookware was introduced as a healthy alternative to regular, the justification being that less oil would need to be used to cook meats and vegetables.  However, we now know it’s not that simple, as the chemicals used to make a pan non-stick have health consequences of their own.

Let’s start with Teflon, the most common non-stick coating.  It has an interesting history, for sure!  Technically Teflon is a chemical called polytetraflouroethylene, or PTFE, and it was invented all the way back in 1938.  It had some industrial uses before it started to appear in commercial cookware in the early 50s.  Dupont, the company that patented the technology, “avoided the market for consumer cookware due to potential problems associated with release of toxic gases if stovetop pans were overheated in inadequately ventilated spaces” (Wikipedia).  PTFE is still used today in non-stick cookware, and the concerns about high-heat cooking are still valid.  Basically, heat the pan much hotter than 300 degrees and toxic fumes can be release – this is regardless of whether the pan is scratched, although scratches will make the integrity of the product even worse.

PTFE is not the only non-stick coating; PFOA is also widely used.  Unfortunately PFOA is no better than PTFE health-wise, possibly it’s worse.  This is a good article about the dangers of PFOA, which include cancer,  low birth weight, birth defects, suppressed immune system and possibly raised cholesterol levels.  Again, the chemical is transmitted through high-heat cooking that causes toxic fumes to rise off of the cooking surface.  The fumes can [...]

Whole Grain Crepes with 3 Fillings

Crepes are a near-perfect food: simple, versatile, and easy to adapt to different dietary restrictions/preferences.  I make mine with a variety of whole grain flours (usually buckwheat and brown rice), and then fill them with a variety of vegetable fillings.  But honestly they’re just as good with simple PB&J.  One of my favorite things about making crepes is that they store so well in the fridge for about 3 days, so I make them on the weekends and can enjoy the perfect quick breakfast or snack through the first half of the week.

For the crepe and fillings recipes, click here.

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Time to Cleanse

If you’re looking for a way to jump start your New Year, I have just the thing: a 5-day fruit and veggie juice cleanse.

Historically speaking I’ve not been a huge fan of dietary programs that require drastic change.  I did my time with diets like Atkins and South Beach.  Those two messed me up for a full year, at least.  But lately I have become a big fan of the short-term cleanse.  My change of heart has been inspired by a few recent experiences. 

Most significantly, I’ve led a few cleanse programs at Cleveland Yoga, and the personal transformations I witnessed were truly inspiring.  No joke.  People were able to eliminate medications they’d been taking for years, had energy resurgences that were shocking (one participant said, “I was up vaccuming at 5am!  and I’m NEVER one to do that!”), and a host of other benefits like clearer skin, better endurance during athletics, less pain, and significantly improved digestion.  And most participants were able to sustain improvements while integrating non-cleanse food back into their diets.

Secondly, I was inspired by the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  You should check it out.  It’s about an unhealthy gentleman suffering from an autoimmune disease who decides to do a 60-day fruit and veggie cleanse.  Let’s just say the results were pretty impressive. 

Now I would certainly not recommend that everyone jump into a 60 day cleanse.  That’s pretty extreme.  But 5 days is enough to be do-able for most people and just long enough to really detox the body.  So I’m super excited to be partnering with Scott Groth, The Chubby Cook, on monthly 5-day juice cleanses.  Scott is preparing the juices so it’ll be easy peasy for all participants.  I’ll [...]

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