A few things have contributed to my writing a post about fiber supplements.  First, I had a baby 6 weeks ago.  If you’ve ever popped out a baby, you know why this is relevant, and if you haven’t, you can probably figure it out.  Second, I read an interesting article on how prevalent chronic constipation is in young kids and how it can be a big problem for years if not addressed.  Kids who get freaked out by pooping or have a bad experience can tend to hold it in as long as possible and actually stretch out their little colons.  This can lead to their inability to tell when they have to poop.  Poor little guys.  Third, I have a potty-training toddler who happened to start freaking out when she needs to poop.  Having just read this article, I wanted to ensure that she’d avoid the above-described uncomfortable and potentially dangerous fate.

So, the best all-natural fiber supplement is, in my opinion, psyllium seed husk.  I came across psyllium seed husk when doing research for a client.  What’s interesting about it is that it’s equally effective for constipation as well as diarhea, making it ideal for people with irritable bowel syndrome.  It bulks the stool (therefore binding it) and softens it.  All in all it’s a great digestive regulator.  It’s all-natural, cheap and effective.  And it’s totally tasteless.  When I was diagnosed with IBS by a doctor many years ago I was told to take a metamucil fiber wafer each day.  It didn’t help, tasted disgusting, and had a lot of sugar in it.  This is much more pleasant and effective.

When I recently had my baby I found that [...]