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    Pasta with Roasted Squash, Kielbasa and Apple Cider Reduction

Pasta with Roasted Squash, Kielbasa and Apple Cider Reduction

Pasta with Roasted Squash and Apple Cider Reduction Pasta with Roasted Squash and Apple Cider Reduction

Celebrate fall with this slightly sweet and beautiful Pasta with Roasted Squash, Kielbasa and Apple Cider Reduction. This dish has everything you need for a one-dish meal, including tons of veggies, whole grain pasta, and a little savory sausage.

The apple and roasted butternut squash are delightfully sweet, and the sausage and parmesan cheese provide a savory counterpoint.  I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Pasta with Roasted Squash, Kielbasa and Apple Cider Reduction

Total Prep Time: 25 minutes
Active Time: 25 minutes
Serves:  4

12 ounces whole grain pasta (whole wheat, brown rice, quinoa and corn, red lentil, etc)
½ butternut squash, peels and seeds removed and cut into 1-inch cubes
½ lb kielbasa or other favorite sausage (antibiotic, preservative and hormone-free)
1 onion, minced
2 teaspoons minced garlic from about 2 cloves
4 cups broccoli florets from about 1 small head
2 cups apple cider
1 apple, core removed and cut into ½ inch cubes
½ cup grated parmesan or pecorino romano cheese
Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), sea salt and black pepper


  1. Pre-heat your oven to 375 degrees. Toss the cubed squash with a little EVOO and large pinches of salt and pepper.  Spread single layer on a large baking sheet or roasting dish and roast for about 25 minutes until tender and golden, tossing once with a spatula so that the cook evenly.
  2. Bring a large pot of water to a boil and cook the pasta to al dente per package instructions. When the pasta is done cooking drain it and set it aside (toss [...]
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Eat Happy: The Book is Almost Ready!

I’m so excited to share the cover from my upcoming book – Eat Happy: Transform Your Health with Foods You Love!  This is my first book; part-cookbook and part-health tips that will transform your health in a delicious way.

The book is written and in the final round of edits, and I just got some great news – an endorsement from the wonderful Joshua Rosenthal of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  Here’s what Joshua has to say:

Eat Happy provides readers with knowledge and motivation to call their own shots with food. Health coach, Alissa Glenn teaches which foods nourish best and which should be left on the shelf through simple techniques, food guides and healthy recipes, so that you will “Eat Happy” for the rest of your life!” ~ Joshua Rosenthal, MScEd, Founder and Primary Teacher, Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Here’s a shot of the back cover:

I hope you’ll stay tuned for more information, sneak peaks at the great recipes inside, and information on pre-ordering.  Like Us on Facebook to be sure to get all of this great info!

Cheers and Eat Happy!


This Week’s Eat Happy Meal Plan Menu

Meal Plan Menu Sept 28, 2014

Meal Plan Menu Sept 28, 2014

It’s officially Fall, and time for heartier foods that build inner warmth and strength.  One of my favorite meals is this week’s Charbonnade of Beef: it’s a very traditional recipe, originally from James Beard.  Beef is sliced thin and cooked slowly with onions and beer in the oven until incredibly tender.   I make it work-week friendly by using a slow cooker to get the same tenderness with very low maintenance.  The is the first meal my mom brought over after I had baby Larson a few weeks ago (“for iron!”) and it was exactly what I needed.

In this meal plan the Charbonnade leftovers are used to make a delicious French Onion Soup, and you’ll also enjoy some of Fall’s wonderful cleansing foods, including apples, cabbage, and greens.

This is this week’s meal plan that came out last Thursday, but if you sign up this week and would still like to receive it, shoot me an email I’d be happy to send it to you so that you can enjoy these delicious dinners:

  1. Slow Cooked Charbonnade of Beef over Baked Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes and Steamed Broccoli
  2. Mujadara Lentils with Caramelized Onions and a Simple Green Salad
  3. French Onion Soup with Green Bean Fries
  4. Healing Apple and Cabbage Soup with Whole Grain Toast or Crackers

Enjoy these meals that are loaded with Fall’s best foods.  Along with the full meal plan menu and shopping list, you’ll receive the easy-to-prepare recipes and a calendar for the week that describes how to prepare in advance for a super efficient week of dinners.

Sign up today to get your this Eat Happy Meal Plan in your inbox.  Transform [...]

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Pumpkin Muffins, Yay Fall!

Pumpkin muffins Pumpkin muffins, mini size

It’s time for all things pumpkin, and one of my favorite ways to use this wonderful ingredient is in these Pumpkin Muffins.  They’re moist, warmly spiced, and super cute when you make them in the mini-muffin tins with some mini chocolate chips.

Unlike some nasty pumpkin-flavored products, making your own pumpkin muffins mean that you’re eating the goodness of real pumpkin, cinnamon, butter, and other real-food ingredients.

This recipe is really versatile.  You get some leeway to use the flour you want, a little more or less pumpkin, milk or yogurt.  They’ll still turn out moist and tasty thanks to the pureed pumpkin.  It’s a great recipe to use whole grain flour, and it transitions to gluten-free very easily thanks to two eggs in the recipe.

One other little thing I love about this recipe: it uses melted butter.  There’s nothing worse than being ready to make and having to wait for your butter to come to room temperature, or trying the partial thaw, only to have it half melted and half frozen.  Not a problem for these little muffins!  Melt your butter and you’re on your way.


1 2/3 cups flour (I recommend whole grain, and I use oat flour)
1/3 – 1/2 cup maple syrup, honey or other sweetener
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup mini chocolate chips
2 eggs
3/4 cup pureed pumpkin or squash
1/2 cup melted butter
1/4 cup whole milk or plain yogurt
1 tsp vanilla extract


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees
  2. Whisk together the dry ingredients: [...]
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New Babies and Chocolate Banana Bread

Chocolate banana bread Chocolate banana bread

Welcome to the world little Larson Alexander Glenn!  I just had my 3rd sweet little baby and he’s adorable.  I have been enjoying more of a break from cooking in the week since his birth, but since I’m nursing I have been HUNGRY.  Like, really really hungry.  And oddly after having a baby I seem to crave chocolate.  This led me to make the above loaf of chocolate banana bread.

If you have some ripe bananas hanging out in your kitchen, there’s nothing more tasty and convenient to make than banana bread; and what’s even better than regular banana bread…chocolate banana bread!

I like to eat this chocolate banana bread as a snack, or even for breakfast with some sunflower seed butter.  This recipe will be chocolaty and moist and have sweet bursts from chocolate chips if you use them.  Add some nuts and some rolled oats and it will be even more substantial.

Fair warning: it won’t taste like cake, which is what most banana breads and muffins taste like these days.  Because I eat it more like a mini-meal and not like a dessert I prefer it this way.  You can vary the sugar to your tastes; with 1/2 cup of sweetener the bread will be slightly sweet, 1/3 cup will be barely sweet, and you could always increase it to 3/4 cup (which is the amount in the original recipe) for a more dessert-like bread.

Chocolate Banana Bread

1/2 cup butter at room temperature
1/2 – 1/3 cup sugar or honey, or a combination of both
2 eggs
1 cup mashed very ripe banana

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Meal Plan Menu Week of September 7-13, 2014

Meal Plan Menu Sept 7-13

Meal Plan Menu Sept 7-13

I had to post this particular meal plan menu, because it’s a celebration of something I love: traditional Italian tomato sauce!  I didn’t always love tomato sauce, but when I started making it myself (and especially when my Italian husband started to make it in large batches) I really began to appreciate how wonderful and versatile tomato sauce is.

In next week’s meal plan menu, you’ll get a chance to make your own simple tomato sauce from scratch and see just how much fresher and more delicious it is than store-bought options.  Then you’ll get to savor your work in two wonderful summer dishes: the Eggplant and Zucchini Parmesan and a Traditional Spaghetti with Meat Sauce.  Sometimes traditional is simply comforting, after all.

 This is the meal plan menu for next week, Sept 7-13, came out this past Thursday morning.  But if you sign up before next Monday and shoot me an email I’d be happy to send it to you so that you can enjoy these delicious dinners:

  1. Eggplant and Zucchini Parmesan with Fresh Tomato Sauce and Steamed Broccoli
  2. Super Healing Summer Soup with Greens, Garlic and Chickpeas and Sardine Toasts
  3. Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and a Spinach Salad
  4. Brazilian Black Beans with Red Pepper, Kale and Jasmine Rice

Enjoy these meals that are loaded with summer’s best produce.  Along with the full meal plan menu and shopping list, you’ll receive the easy-to-prepare recipes and a calendar for the week that describes how to prepare in advance for a super efficient week of dinners.

Sign [...]

Eat Happy Book Sneak Peak Recipe: Homemade Granola

Homemade Granola Homemade Granola

My new book (available this Fall), Eat Happy: Transform Your Health with Food You Love features my all-time favorite recipes, including this homemade granola.  Starting your day with a delicious and nutrient-dense meal is so do-able with this homemade granola!   It takes just 10 minutes to toss together the ingredients, 15-20 minutes to toast in the oven, then you get to enjoy it for an entire week or two – which means zero breakfast prep in the am.  I’ve started making this homemade granola again now that my oldest kiddo is back to school and the morning routine is both earlier and crazier than it was during the summer.

Making your own homemade granola is easier than you’d think, and makes a fast breakfast or a filling snack.  Not only does it taste better than store-bought varieties, it will have significantly less sugar and more of the good nuts and fruits that you like.  I still remember my mom’s homemade granola as one of my favorite breakfasts when I was younger.

If you like crunchy granola don’t add any fat to the mix (oil or nut butters).  If you like a chewier granola, try adding some nut butter (peanut, almond, sunflower seed, etc) or coconut oil.  I’m a chewy girl all the way, and I love that the fat makes for a more filling breakfast.

Have fun experimenting with different fruit and nut combinations, and try mixing it up with spices, too.  Cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and ginger are all great options.  My current favorite combo is: 1/2 cup sunflower seed butter, 1/3 cup honey, and about 1/4 cup [...]

Pizza vs. Real Food, Round 1

Summer veggies saute Summer veggies saute

Let me set the stage: it’s 4pm and I”m madly rushing to finish chapters on the manuscript of my first book, which I’m so excited about.  If I get it done in the next week I’ll have an awesome opportunity to present and advertise my book at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition Conference in November, attended by 10,000 people!   So exciting, so cool.  I have to do this.

My 2 year old and 4 year old are screaming at each other downstairs, my sitter is off in an hour, and I’m 38 weeks pregnant, uncomfortable, grumpy, and rather stressed.  Dinner time looms.  I have Eat Happy Meal Plans that I need to schedule in advance over the next few weeks so I can take a mini-break when the baby comes.  The baby room isn’t set up, no bags have been packed, and I’m banking too much on the fact that my other two kids were nearly two weeks late.  I need more time to get everything done.

I have wanted to order pizza for the kids for dinner, pretty much every night for the last few weeks, and tonight is no exception.  The leftovers are gone and I’ve pretty much exhausted my go-to quick and healthy dinner ideas.  They’d love the pizza obviously.  But it’s not going to do them any favors (they’re just getting over a summer time cold), it won’t really do me any favors, as it’s not exactly a go-to food to enhance my productivity (quite the opposite).  My book, by the way, is called OverProcessed and Underfed, and is all about how processed food is [...]

Fresh Blueberry Cobbler with Cornmeal Crust

Blueberry Cobbler with Cornmeal Crust Blueberry Cobbler with Cornmeal Crust

What better way to celebrate the weekend and the end of blueberry season than with this Fresh Blueberry Cobbler with Cornmeal Crust?  It’s really delicious, and tastes like summer.

I took the girls blueberry picking a couple of weeks ago and it was so fun.  It was the most hands-off I’ve been able to be with them in a long time!  The two year old was completely occupied stuffing herself with blueberries, and my four year old was doing a great job filling up her little bucket!  (Which she later dumped in a mysterious location for unknown reasons, but whatever).

Sometimes when we go berry picking we just eat up all of the fresh berries and don’t get around to doing anything particularly special with them.  This time I just couldn’t resist a blueberry cobbler, and I love the corn and blueberry combination, so thought I’d do a cornmeal crust.  Of course I love blueberry pie too, but it’s so much work to do the crust, and I literally had 10 minutes to throw this together before sitting down for dinner.  Plus honestly I prefer cobbler toppings to pie crust.  Pies are prettier, though, I’ll give them that!

If there’s one thing I do differently when it comes down to dessert, it’s that I pretty dramatically cut down on sugar from the recipes I adapt.  So, if you’re a cut down on sugar kind of person, you might not want to cut down on the sugar from my recipes!  They’re already quite low.  I don’t find that people mind, and especially in [...]

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Meal Plan Menu for Week of August 10, 2014

Eat Happy Meal Plan Menu and Shopping List Week of Aug 10, 2014 Eat Happy Meal Plan Menu and Shopping List Week of Aug 10, 2014

When I don’t follow my meal plan menus, I’m as lost as anyone else when it comes to dinner.  I end up making the same old thing, deciding last-minute, and ending up with something less tasty after a more stressful process.  Not fun!

With Eat Happy Meal Plan I do the planning for you, although you can still decide which meals are best for you in any week.  It can transform your relationship with dinner, if you let it!

 This is the meal plan menu for next week, August 10-16th.  It came out bright and early this morning into subscribers’  inboxes, but if you sign up in the next few days I”ll email it directly to you so you can still start next week!

I take extra care to make summer meal preparation as quick as possible, which is usually easy to do since summer produce doesn’t require anything elaborate or lengthy.  Next week you can enjoy these delicious dinners:

  1. Roasted Salmon with Creamy Dill Sauce with Simple Herbed Quinoa and Steamed Broccoli 
  2. Beet and Blue Cheese Salad with Adzuki Beans and Sunflower Seeds and Summer Melon 
  3. Grilled Shish Ka Bobs with Greek Marinade and a Simple Green Salad 
  4. Tomato Chickpeas with Spinach over Brown Rice 

Enjoy meals that are homemade, fast, nutrient-dense, and full of fresh flavor with this meal plan.  Along with the full meal plan menu and shopping list, you’ll receive the easy-to-prepare recipes and a calendar for the week that describes how [...]