There’s a great article on yahoo today about eggs.  The article debunks 4 common myths about eggs – focusing on which factors make eggs healthier vs. which don’t matter.  The kind of eggs you buy is important, and myth #3  in the article does a good job explaining why.  (Preview – it’s about the types of food the chickens eat, not necessarily organic vs. not).  Myth #4 is also great to read, for anyone who’s been seduced by egg substitutes.

 I like eating eggs because I do think they’re tasty, healthy, and they’re also FAST.  The best eggs I’ve found are at the farmer’s market at Shaker Square.  To find the best eggs near you, ask at your local farmer’s market what the chickens have been eating.  If they’re allowed to roam the pasture and therefore eat grasses and insects, you’re good to go.  Then, when you eat the eggs notice the color of the yolks.  They should be a deeper orange than the ones you’ve been buying.  This indicates better flavor and nutrition – quite a good deal!