Very cool!  The March issue of O Magazine includes an article featuring health coaches, and specifically highlights 5 experts who happen to be grads from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition – the school where I did my nutrition training.  I can’t wait to get a paper copy and include the article in my portfolio.

Health coaching is still a relatively new profession and concept, and it’s great to see it (and IIN) receive some good press.  Dr. Oz has also recently endorsed health coaching – you can watch a clip on YouTube here.  I love how Dr. Oz explains that health coaches are a “layer” of the health care pyramid, and that we make it easy for our clients to make the right decisions for their health.  That’s what it’s all about – providing information but most importantly, the SUPPORT that you need to really succeed.  If you think you’d benefit from high-quality support to reach your health goals, contact me today!