The absolute most satisfying thing about my business is seeing my clients thrive.  On Saturday I woke up with the following email in my inbox, and it was so inspiring I just had to share it here (with permission, of course).  Read on, to hear one of my clients describe how her late-night food craving became a major dietery epiphany!

“I just had to tell you this…

So, about a half hour ago I was having a complete snack attack.  I had a snack attack last night, too, and cured it by munching slowly on some yummy granola I made this past Sunday.  I was surprised to experience yet another snack attack – two days in a row.  Before indulging I decided to think about what I ate all day and what my body might be lacking.  I had eaten half a grapefruit, eggs with oatmeal (delicious btw), some greek yogurt, a couple grapes, a small bowl-full of this rice mixture I made on Sunday (extra yummy!  can’t wait to tell you about that), and a protein shake with banana, peanut butter, protein and fiber powder.  It totaled up to less than 1,200 calories, so I figured it was okay to eat snacks since I really didn’t get much energy from food today.

But what to eat?  I was going to go for the granola again, but it didn’t seem pleasing.  So, I took a moment to settle my mind and really listen to what my body was telling me.  Then I looked at my pantry, saw some grape tomatoes and had a couple.  Tasted good!  Still wasn’t satisfied, though.  I went through the fridge, thought about having more of that rice mixture or some soy milk…but when I opened my freezer, I found the exact item I was craving – kale.  Yup, green leafy veggies was the cure for the snack attack.  I had some kale and spinach in my freezer because I remember you telling me that I could store them there.  I grabbed both, heated some water over the stove, put some greens in the hot water for 30 seconds, and drizzled some yummy balsamic and olive oil with italian seasoning over them.  Amazing…

This is seriously a first – craving vegetables and eating them to cure the late-night munchies.  Who am I?  What did you do to me?!  haha 🙂

Well, sorry for the drawn out story.  I couldn’t resist telling you the details, though!  Thank you for all your inspiration and knowledge over the past months – it’s obviously been creating positive change in my life without me even realizing it!