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I recently put together this list, 10 reasons it’s better to Eat Happy than diet, for a presentation and thought it’d be fun to share.  Read below, and for more specifics on how to Eat Happy check this out!

This was written for what turned out to be an awesome corporate wellness event – combined nutrition presentation/book signing.  Everyone left with their own copy of the book (wouldn’t you love that?!).

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Ten reasons it’s better to Eat Happy than Diet

  1. You get to focus on quality ingredients, which means food tastes better than ever. Diet food tastes ___________.
  2. Cravings will naturally go away – will power not needed!
  3. Non-extreme – no need to eliminate food groups, eliminate or replace meals, or do anything else weird
  4. Better mood. Your mood is significantly affected by what you eat, and if you Eat Happy your mood will be more stable, more uplifted, and less anxious.  Diets tend to do the opposite, making you damn cranky.
  5. Unintended consequences, in a good way. Your primary goal may be to lose weight (or something else), but most people are surprised to have at least one other significant benefit.
  6. You’ll be full…really full. Not only that, at first most people need to consciously put more food on their plates than they’re used to in order to get enough food.
  7. And satisfied. There is a difference between full and satisfied.  Satisfied occurs as a result of a combination of getting enough nutrients, fat, and flavor.
  8. You’ll eat intuitively. It will take a little time for your body to come into balance, but once it does, your body will begin to tell you what it really needs, whether it’s more meat, vegetables, water, etc.  These are good cravings.
  9. You’ll get sick less often. Know that expression “sick and tired of being sick and tired”?  You’ll have less of that.  Eating the Eat Happy way actually protects your body from stress and sickness.
  10. No calorie counting!