Spinach and Mushroom Stir Fry

Top Five Reasons to do a Whole Foods Cleanse

Mushrooms and SpinachParticipating in a whole foods cleanse is a commitment to treating your body with attention, love and care for a period of time, and the benefits are many.  Read below to see my top 5 reasons to do a whole foods cleanse:

  1. Quick results:  Cleanses are ideal for people who want to feel better quickly, and they are very effective at accomplishing this goal.  Stick with the protocol and I can pretty much guarantee that by day 5 you will feel better than before you started, and by day 12 you will feel better than you can remember.
  2. It’s not that hard, really:  You will be amazed at the variety of foods, flavors, and recipes that are included in this cleanse (it might just cure your food boredom!).  You will feel satisfied and your cravings will go away.  In our first phone call I will teach you how to prepare so you ease into the cleanse gently and comfortably.
  3. You’ll break some bad habits and replace them with new habits that serve you better: It’s very easy to fall into subtle, but not very good habits – those little things that are meant to be temporary (extra cup of coffee in the afternoon, extra glass of wine at night, fast food on the way home from work, etc), but then they wriggle their way into your daily or weekly routine and get stuck there, and take a toll.  A cleanse will wipe the slate clean, break the cycle, and provide a space for you to replace those habits with more beneficial ones.
  4. You’ll find some new, go-to foods:  A cleanse provides an opportunity to try new things.  New grains, new fruits, new vegetables, new dinners, new lunches, new teas, etc.  Over the coarse of several days of trying new things you will find things that you absolutely love – with the added benefit that they’ll make you feel great, too.  These are new foods and dishes that you’ll come back to time and again, and you’ll be very happy to have them in your repertoire.
  5. Better energy, a new equilibrium:  The most common result I see out of cleanses is better natural energy – not energy dependent on caffeine or sugar, but the energy you have when you wake up in the morning.  A cleanse presses your restart button and leaves you with a new equilibrium.
  6. Bonus – possible information about food triggers: Wonder if you’re sensitive to gluten, dairy, caffeine, sugar?  By rolling off of the cleanse in a strategic way you will be able to gather information about how your body reacts to these things, and many are surprised by the results.

So there you go!  Sign up by 1/26/14 to take part in this amazing program



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