Whole Foods Cleanse Details: February 2nd-13th, 2014

cleanseI have led hundreds of individuals through various types of cleanses, and have always enjoyed hearing how wonderful they make people feel.  Results vary from predictable (“I feel so much better”) to sometimes astonishing (“I had no idea I could feel this way!”).

So now I’m especially excited to offer my own customized cleanse program: not based on someone else’s book or philosophy, but what I, as a trained health coach experienced in leading others through cleanses, believe to be a gentle but extremely effective program.

So here is what’s involved:

  • 12 days
  • Feast on an abundance of whole, unprocessed foods – no food quantity or calorie restrictions
  • Eliminate the most common allergens and trouble-makers: sugar, alcohol, caffeine, dairy, gluten, and any and all processed foods
  • Highly recommended herbal detox option: Boost your cleanse with the Gaia Supreme Cleanse Kit –supports the natural role of the liver, a healthy lymphatic system, digestion, and elimination

Here is the support you’ll receive to not only survive, but thrive on this cleanse:

  • Two weeks of dinner plans from Eat Happy Meal Plan: cleanse-friendly comprehensive dinner plans, including four dinner recipes per week along with a shopping list and preparation calendar that will help you execute dinner flawlessly
  • Weekly support calls, recorded for your convenience.  All calls will take place from 12pm-1pm.  You will be able to phone in for 24 hours after the live call to listen to the recording, at your convenience
    • Jan 28th – Learn the necessary steps for preparing for the cleanse.
    • Feb 6th – First week check-in: Discuss any questions you have, check in with other cleanse participants and share any helpful tips.
    • Feb 11th – Rolling off: discuss the best ways to roll off of the cleanse, how and when to integrate foods back into your regular diet, and how to interpret the results you’ve experienced.
  • Shopping list of cleanse-friendly foods
  • Daily support emails with practical tips designed to help you make the most of your cleanse, such as suggested snacks, relaxation exercises, food selection tips, and more
  • Optional hour-long individual consultation: Add a one-hour long individual consultation to discuss your individual needs, goals, or whatever else you’d like to pay extra attention to

Here are the benefits you can expect:

  • Improved natural energy
  • Dramatically improved digestion
  • Better quality sleep
  • Clearer skin, brighter eyes
  • Improved allergies and sinus congestion
  • Enhanced overall sense of well-being
  • A new relationship and improved relationship with food

How to sign up:

  • Program fee is $35, with an option for an hour-long individual consultation for an additional $75
  • Go here to register
  • Purchase your Gaia Supreme Cleanse Kit here
  • Check your email for a confirmation, and look forward to our kick-off call on January 23rd!



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